Big 3: Giles County 2-year-old Noah found safe after being abducted by trailer park lady, Biden in Virginia yesterday pitching higher taxes to give more people free things, and Biden’s plan to bring in even more refugees

6 AM Hour: Listeners Allen & Travis chime in on Biden and the trailer park; we celebrate National Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!!), teachers, foster parents/kids, weather observers, birds, orange juice/orange peels, and renewed allergies! Also, Jeopardy! contestant is a white supremacist after throwing up the white person’s “okey dokey!” hand gesture.

7 AM Hour: Delegate Tim Hugo is a republican running for Lt. Governor of Virginia. He joins the program to talk about the issues including social conservatism, convention voting strategy, legalization of marijuana, and the state parole board; Dr. Thomas Eppes with Central Virginia Family Physicians talks vaccine hesitancy, the difference in herd immunity between countries, and things like opioid addiction that have been overlooked due to the pandemic

8 AM Hour: Movie critic Mike Mayo joins the program to help us break the news that Rotten Tomatoes has a new “Greatest Movie” in the history of the world! He also shares with us some great streaming recommendations if you’re running out of things to watch; you can get free tacos tonight – because of the moon!; Sports wagering in Virginia is trending upward – are those funds really going to schools, the Old Rocker shares his take

WLNI · The Morningline 05/04/21