Big 3: Tuesday’s storm caused many power outages across our region, will Trump be allowed to join Facebook again?, and an update on the abducted 2-year-old Noah

6 AM Hour: Allen plays to Brian’s ego, we talk about the GIANT BIDENS, and we celebrate Cinco De Mayo, chipotle (and the correct way to say it!), skilled trades, astronauts, cartoonists, and hoagies!

7 AM Hour: GOP Candidate for Virginia governor Pete Snyder talks about coming to Lynchburg tomorrow, strategy for this weekend’s convention, his stance on the 2nd Amendment, and the difference between a “true conservative” and a “conservative”; Senator Steve Newman talks about tonight’s Glenn Youngkin event taking place at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center and why he is endorsing him as a gubernatorial candidate; a crash caused a power outage in Sandusky and Andre Whitehead has the story

8 AM Hour: Lynchburg City councilman Jeff Helgeson dissects a proposal for an across-the-board 5% pay raise for city employees; How you could win a trip to Kiawah Island Resort – courtesy of WLNI & Harris Tire Company; Snapchat is being sued over an app filter used in a fatal car crash

WLNI · The Morningline 05/05/21