Big 3: Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, Kentucky Derby cheater, and this Saturday’s GOP convention

6 AM Hour: Listeners weigh in on Saturday’s convention as well as a Florida principal who paddled a student; we celebrate cleaning your room, lipids, Washington, and women’s health check ups

7 AM Hour: Brian Kilmeade gives his take on the possible ousting of Liz Cheney by the republican party; Delegate Kathy Byron shares her experience of this past Saturday’s convention and what to expect moving forward

8 AM Hour: Jamey Parks is attempting to qualify for Team USA in the Paralympics for paracanoe – he and Dr. Robert Vogel discuss the upcoming event with Mari & Brian; Plug Away Monday features Centra celebrating National Hospital Week; and Elon Musk was actually kind of funny on SNL

WLNI · The Morningline 05/10/21