Big 3: Gas frenzy continues, Liz Cheney is ousted, Lynchburg Main Street construction update

6 AM Hour: Listeners continue to weigh in on spot shortages of gas as we kick off our “How Low Can You Go?” Fuel Gage contest! We celebrate apple pie, croutons, frog jumping, and fruit cocktail & discuss the “Biden is poop” billboard

7 AM Hour: VP of Marketing with Foster Fuels Chelsea Harrisons shares distribution efforts following the Colonial Pipeline attack; Listeners share their thoughts on the ousting of Liz Cheney; does social media contribute to panicking over things like COVID, toilet paper, and gas?

8 AM Hour: Paul Whitten with Whitten Funeral Home shares what he loves about camping ahead of his upcoming trip (yes, headed south – during a perceived “gas shortage”) and shares the many ways they can support families in the death of a loved one including Social Security benefits, life insurance, VA benefits and more; People are returning their “pandemic puppies” Ohio is doing a lottery for those who get vaccinated and we announce our “How Low Can You Go?” gas contest winner!

WLNI · The Morningline 05/13/21