Big 3: a man was killed after furniture falls off of a car in Amherst, Amherst Co. supervisors will discuss the “Truth & Justice” curriculum tonight, and Parler is back on the app store… again… kind of

6 AM Hour: Allen kicks off our conversation about where the worst drivers are located and we celebrate visiting our relatives, HIV vaccine research, no dirty dishes, and cheese soufflé!

7 AM Hour: The clown car crash in Forest was a bunch of teenagers (you’re shocked, we know)!! We discuss Amherst County’s “social justice” curriculum; Chris Judd with MidState Cyber joined Mari & Brian to share more about the recent Colonial Pipeline attack: they actually paid the ransom?, about the attacker DarkSide, and what small businesses should consider to protect themselves.

8 AM Hour: Movie critic Mike Mayo discusses the AT&T-Discovery deal and gives his review of “The Woman in the Window” & “My Octopus Teacher”; Bezos’ emotional support yacht; Are you offended that you may have to be weighed before getting onto an airplane?

WLNI · The Morningline 05/18/21