Big 3: Israel-Gaza clash, Andrew Brown shooting case, Lynchburg discussing 5th Street/MLK Blvd

6 AM Hour: The VEC had ONE JOB! Listeners weigh in on mask mandates, the Andrew Brown case, and unemployment. We celebrate May Ray Day, EMS for Children, Devil’s Food Cake, and juice slush! Do you hate the word ‘moist’?

7 AM Hour: Lynchburg City is having a moderated virtual town hall to discuss 5th Street/MLK Blvd; Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla discusses Penn State getting all “woke”, UVA getting all “woke”, and “racism” across America; a sword stabbing in Hampton!

8 AM Hour: Claudia Tucker with Amherst County Board of Supervisors talks about last night’s meeting discussing the “Truth & Justice” equity curriculum; What the heck is coffee-less coffee? Dumb pipeline protester locks herself in her van; Cheugy update

WLNI · The Morningline 05/19/21