Big 3: NCAA Championship, CDC Updates, and it’s Ashley’s 30th Birthday!!

6 AM: We discuss a shooting in a Burger King drive-thru, drugs in a kids backpack at school, and we celebrate Army Day, New Beer’s Eve, the Scots, tomatoes & caramel popcorn. Also, we write Brian’s epitaph.

7 AM: a social media post related to Derek Chauvin and George Floyd has one Roanoke student under scrutiny; Dr. Thomas Eppes with CVFP talks about legalization of marijuana in Virginia and the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations

8 AM: Movie critic Mike Mayo recently saw “Godzilla vs. Kong” in the theater – he gives us his take on this and “Concrete Cowboy”; a missing California woman previously was worried her husband would do something to her; Also, there’s so much to unpack with the Matt Gaetz situation; We also send Ashley off for her 30th birthday!

WLNI · The Morningline 04/06/21