The Founder of Gleaning for the World is stepping down. Reverend Ron Davidson tells Reporter Andre Whitehead he will focus his attention on helping the needy and homeless on a local level.

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Gleaning for the World announced that Jeane Smiley-Mason will succeed Davidson as president. She has worked within the organization for more than five years, and Davidson says her business background is what the Concord-based organization needs to move forward.

News release: A press conference was held today at Gleaning For The World where Ron Davidson announced his retirement as President & COO. Rev. Davidson founded Gleaning in 1998 in the basement of his mother’s home and oversaw the growth of the organization to send just under $700,000,000.00 worth of aid around the world. Gleaning’s former VP, Jeane Smiley-Mason, has assumed the responsibilities of acting President & COO. “I am honored to remain on the executive board of Gleaning For The World,” stated Rev. Ron Davidson, founder of Gleaning For The World. “Moving forward, my energy must to be focused on being the pastor to the homeless,” added Davidson.