Lillian Bowyer
Leake Johnson

A Bedford grandmother and her grandson are charged with attempting to smuggle prescription drugs into the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Amherst County. The Sheriff’s Office says 77-year-old Lillian Bowyer faces drug conspiracy charges, as does 26-year-old Leake Johnson, who is currently an inmate at the jail. Officials say they discovered the plan before any drugs actually got in.

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The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office and the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority (BRRJA) Amherst Adult Detention, working in conjunction, has charged Leake Aron Johnson, 26, and Lillian Madalene Bowyer, 77 both of Bedford with Conspiracy to Distribute a Schedule III, IV Substance. Johnson, who is currently incarcerated, had attempted to have his grandmother, Bowyer, smuggled in prescription medication for distribution within the jail. However, Johnson’s plan was discovered during routine security screenings conducted by the BRRJA. No contraband made it into the facility and demonstrated the security procedures are working to ensure a safe environment for
the inmates and staff. In addition, it shows the importance of the continued relationship between the BRRJA and its law enforcement partners. Johnson has been served, and is incarcerated on additional  charges. Bowyer was served and released.