Someone posing as a member of the Bedford County Sheriff’s office is trying to scam Bedford County residents.   The Sheriff’s office says the person tells potential victims that they have missed court and need to purchase “MoneyPak or Green Dot” cards from different retail stores in order to pay their fine.   The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents its officers will never do this, and if you get one of these calls you should hang up.  

Here is the entire news release from the Bedford County Sheriff’s office:

 The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of persons calling and representing themselves as a local Bedford County Sheriff’s Office employee, to scam individuals into paying a fine for “Failure to appear” in court.

The caller will tell potential victims that they have missed court and the Judge has issued a warrant for their arrest, and to clear the warrant they will have to pay a $5,050.00 fine.

The scammer will then try to get potential victims to purchase “MoneyPak or Green Dot” cards from different retail stores and advise them to transfer the money or read the numbers off the card.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office wants citizens to know that no member of law enforcement will ever call demanding payment as the result of a warrant or a need to pay fines.

Follow the MoneyPak link below to read about frauds that are being perpetrated throughout the US.

Citizens of Bedford County who have lost money due to this scam should call the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 540-586-7827. If you are a victim to this scam and do not live in Bedford County, notify your local law enforcement.

Sheriff Mike Miller