Bridget Ann WilliamsFrom the Henry County Sheriff’s Office: The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a missing person reported to us on November 19, 2015.  Bridget Ann Williams has been missing since November 10, 2015.  Bridget Ann Williams is an 18 year old white female and is described as approx. 4’11” tall, 110 lbs., brown hair and blue eyes.  Bridget Ann Williams has been out of contact for periods of time in the past as well and at this time we have no reason to suspect anything has happened to her.  The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has checked all of her known addresses in this area without being able to locate her.  Bridget Ann Williams has ties to Rustburg, VA and she has family in Kentucky.  The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is trying to confirm her well-being only, she has been entered as a missing person but she is not in trouble in any way.  We need your help in trying to make contact with her to confirm that she is OK. Anyone who has information regarding this is urged to contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at 276-638-8751.