Innovairre says it will create even more new jobs than first announced when it cuts the ribbon next week at its expanded operation in Forest.  The company says it will add an additional 30 high-tech jobs. The expansion centers around new digital printing presses. Innovairre specializes in fund-raising and marketing for non-profits and agencies.

News release: Innovairre, a company specializing in fundraising and marketing for nonprofits and agencies, announced they will be bringing another 30 high-tech jobs to Bedford County. This is in addition to the new Innovairre jobs that Governor Northam announced in February-making Innovairre one of the largest employers in the county. To celebrate the $4.85-million-dollar investment in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the company will be holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 10, 2018, at its Elkton Farm Road facility in Forest. Innovairre has invited local and state legislators to the event, as well as members of the governor’s staff. “We’re including our elected officials because this project was definitely helped along by state and county cooperation,” said Chad Stephenson, Senior Vice President of Operations at Innovairre. “It’s also a great example of how Tobacco Region Revitalization Grants have been used to support rural job growth, just as they were intended to do.”

At the core of Innovairre’s Forest expansion are twin digital printing presses capable of printing more than 3,000 personalized, 8.5″ x 11″ images per minute. Both presses require a support team of operators, which will be among the new positions created. According to Innovairre President and Chief Growth Officer Don McKenzie, “These positions not only involve very advanced technology with the digital presses, they also involve some of the latest workflow automation systems. These really are 21st-century jobs.”

This expansion touches more than just Bedford County, as pointed out by Innovairre Director of Human Resources Cheryl Toler. “Something people may not realize is that this operation allows our Bedford County team members to touch lives all around the world by supporting the efforts of some of the best-known and most effective charities out there,” Toler said.