Photo: BCSOC Facebook

State Police are looking for the driver of a jeep that ran up the front porch and into the front door of a Boonsboro home. It happened last night along the 2000 block of Hawkins Mill Road. Troopers say the driver then took off on foot. The home was found to be structurally sound; no load-bearing components were damaged. There are no injuries reported.

FROM BEDFORD COUNTY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND FACEBOOK: SOC Units were assigned to Company 3’s (Boonsboro) first Due. The SOC Battalion Chief arrived to find a single Jeep into a residential structure. SOC Members assigned to Rescue 5 (Forest) would evaluate the structure and confirm no load bearing components damaged. Units would hold with FR3, U3, Chief 3, R5, & SOC 1, M14-6, Rescue 1 (Bedford) was placed into service.