Jesse Matthew  (Photo: Charlottesville PD)
Jesse Matthew
(Photo: Charlottesville PD)

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) _ Jesse Matthew, who could eventually face a death penalty in the slaying of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, has formally pleaded not guilty in a separate prosecution that could send him to prison for life. Trial began Monday for the 33-year-old Matthew in Fairfax, where he is charged with attempted capital murder, abduction and sexual assault in connection with a 2005 attack. Matthew, wearing a dress shirt and yellow tie, entered his plea in a soft-spoken voice. Matthew was charged in the long-unsolved Fairfax case last year after his arrest in connection with Graham’s disappearance yielded a hit on DNA evidence. The victim in the Fairfax case has flown back from India to testify against him. A pool of 100 potential jurors was called for Monday’s jury selection.