Jessica McCrickard (Lynchburg Jail)
Jessica McCrickard
(Lynchburg Jail)


LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) _ A judge has added to the sentence of a woman who broke off the bayonet of a Lynchburg statue paying homage to World War I veterans. Under a plea deal, Jessica McCrickard was to spend four Fridays downtown with veterans during weekly rallies for defacing the landmark Doughboy Statue downtown. But veterans said she had a disrespectful attitude and they asked the court to end her court-ordered visits. Under a modified sentence Tuesday, the judge told her to write by hand all 276 names on the monument. He also piled on an additional 100 hours of community service. McCrickard was given an Aug. 31 deadline to complete the terms of her plea deal. The bayonet was broken off in October 2013. It was recovered.