City of LynchburgFrom Lynchburg City: The Kemper Street Bridge project is complete and the bridge is expected to reopen on Tuesday, August 30 by mid-day. Motorists should use caution when traveling in the vicinity of the Kemper Street Bridge and be alert to the change in traffic patterns, new roadway signage and new traffic signals. The old bridge, built in 1968, was structurally deficient with a deteriorating deck and super structure. Replacing the entire bridge also provided the City the opportunity to correct some of the interchange deficiencies that existed. The new Kemper Street Bridge is a four lane, 100’ long single span concrete girder bridge structure with a concrete deck. Features of the new bridge include traffic signals, sidewalks, street scape, street lights and acceleration and de-acceleration lanes. Aesthetic attributes were added to the bridge for both safety and beauty. There are two rain gardens incorporated in the project that the contractor, English Construction, donated as part of the Lynchburg Expressway Appearance Fund (LEAF) program. The new Kemper Street Bridge was completed on time and slightly under budget at a cost of $6.2 million.