Photo: Andre Whitehead

A Liberty University School of Aeronautics airplane crash- landed today at Lynchburg Regional Airport, where the pilot reported a loss of power on takeoff. The light aircraft crashed in a grassy area away from any runway. There is visible damage, but no injuries are reported. Liberty officials say a student and instructor were aboard the plane.

Reporter Andre Whitehead is there and tells us what he sees:

10-17 Whitehead Voicer1-WEB

PREVIOUS From Liberty University: Just before 11 this morning, a Liberty University Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane was taking off when it experienced a loss of power. The pilot radioed the tower before flying the aircraft to a landing and running off the side of the runway. The plane suffered damage. There were no fatalities. At this point, there are no reports of injuries. The Lynchburg Regional Airport’s emergency services have responded.  LUPD has responded.