Rachel Parr, T. C. Miller Elementary School for Innovation fourth grade teacher, has been selected by Lynchburg City Schools as the 2021 Teacher of the Year!

The 2021 school year has been both challenging and exceptional.  LCS acknowledges the extraordinary efforts our teachers have made during this year.  As a result, this year’s Teacher of the Year candidate serves as an encouragement and example of the passion, resilience, and joy found in teaching and in learning.

T.C. Miller principal Dr. Jeff Guerin stated in his letter recommending Ms. Parr for consideration, “She is an innovator in the classroom, and she constantly seeks to find new technology to enhance virtual learning.” Additionally, “Ms. Parr brings math alive for her students, consistently works to utilize best practices in her instruction, and provides excellent support to those who work around her. Her passion for the subjects she covers in class is only overshadowed by the thoughtfulness she shows to her students.”

As we have navigated this year, Ms. Parr’s innovation, creativity and joy have enabled students to thrive in her classroom.  She stated in her philosophy of education that she has endeavored to provide a safe place for students to grow and learn both in the classroom, on the YouTube classroom she created, and the synchronous virtual instruction she provided.  Ms. Parr explained that when students enter her classroom, they are greeted with inspirational messages including the statement that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” She modeled that statement before her students and colleagues daily.  In her interview, Ms. Parr mentioned that “the little things are often the big things.”  Thank you, Ms. Parr, for doing what seemed to be the “little things” every day this year; you made this year extraordinary for so many.

Congratulations Ms. Parr, 2021 LCS Teacher of the Year!