Lynchburg City crews are conducting snow removal operations on primary and secondary streets. The primary and secondary streets are passable but motorists should exercise extreme caution. Crews will continue to work on primary and secondary streets for the remainder of the afternoon and will attempt to move into residential streets this evening.

Due to the large number of vacancies and COVID absences, Public Works will be employing contractors to assist with plowing residential streets in wards later today. Crews will work 12-hour shifts to keep roadways passable.

The public is asked to have patience as Public Works crews work to clear streets. Whenever possible please stay off the streets and travel only when necessary.

How the City of Lynchburg Prioritizes Snow Removal

Priority 1 Clearing of all primary streets and heaviest traffic routes.
Priority 2 Clearing of all collector streets and bus routes.
Priority 3 Plowing of all residential streets if more than two inches of snow exists.
Then . . . City crews work around the clock to handle slick spots and other street problems. Chemicals and abrasives are used only on main routes and bridges as needed