Lynchburg Fire Engine_6From Lynchburg City: On Monday, December 21, Fire Station No. 6, located at 2084 Fort Avenue, will close temporarily to undergo a major building renovation.  Station personnel and equipment will be relocated to two other fire stations – Station No. 1 located at 801 Clay Street, and Station No. 2 located at 2006 Grace Street. The renovations are expected to be complete and the station to reopen mid to late 2016. According to Deputy Fire Chief Greg Wormser, residents in the Station No. 6 area can expect the same level of service they now receive.  “We have looked at this situation closely and feel confident that we will be able to maintain the same response rate to the station’s service area,” said Wormser. “Being able to effectively and rapidly respond to emergencies is very important to us.” Renovations to Station No. 6 include improvements to the station floor to better support the heavier trucks and other apparatus now in use.  Work will also be done to improve living quarters and the addition of a training room.  Station No. 6 first opened in 1914 and is the oldest, active station in the City of Lynchburg.  It is also the only station with a pole.  This is the first major renovation of the building in recent years. For more information, contact Greg Wormser, Lynchburg Fire Department, at 455-6345.