Photo: City of Lynchburg

Lynchburg City News release: On Thursday and Friday, August 2-3, 2018, heavy rains fell on Lynchburg which created flooding in the city’s creeks, streams and lakes and surrounding areas. College Lake and Blackwater Creek quickly rose to flood level, and the resulting damage of the flood was extensive. Within 24 hours after the storm, the City of Lynchburg’s Community Development Department had inspection teams out in the flooded zones performing preliminary inspections and then going door to door to physically inspect all affected areas in the inundation zone. The initial damage assessments below are early estimates and are expected to change somewhat over the next several weeks:

Private Property (cumulative damages) – Total: $765,397

Public PropertyTotal: $9,337,536

Note: Major damage in homes/buildings is measured at 18” of water within the living space and/or shifting/cracking of the structure foundation. Minor and affected damage has minimal impact on the structure but may involve cosmetic damage and impact to the overall condition of the structure (i.e., mud and debris, drywall damage, etc.).

The City of Lynchburg is currently making inquiries regarding financial assistance from state and federal levels.