Lynchburg Humane Society issues a challenge to help pets get adopted.

  When the Lynchburg Humane Society heard that Dennis Quaid was going to adopt a cat they named, Dennis Quaid, they asked themselves, how can we use this great news to help more pets? The Dennis Quaid challenge was born.

  Said Julie Barger, Director of Development; “We love that a cat from our shelter, Dennis Quaid, is now living a wonderful life as a podcast studio cat with owner, celebrity Dennis Quaid. Podcast co-host, Jimmy Jellinek, who flew to pick the cat up, bonded with him instantly and we know he is going to have a wonderful life. Our hope is to inspire, more celebrity pet adoptions. We would love if our fun celebrity-named pets inspire celebrity fans, celebrities themselves or just motivate people who have been on the fence about adopting to take that step and bring home a star of their own.”

  Pets available for adoption at the Lynchburg Humane Society include a 4 year old tabby cat named Nicole Kidman who is on a special diet but is very loveable, a 4 year old tuxedo cat named Keenan Thompson who likes his head rubbed, a 2 year old pit mix named Seth Rogen who is sure to make you laugh with his grin, and a shaggy 10 year old terrier named Harry Styles. If you can’t adopt consider sharing the celebrity pet posts and tagging their celebrity counterparts and use the hashtag #DennisQuaidChallenge. 

To see all of the celebrity named pets available for adoption at the Lynchburg Humane Society including Appomattox County Pet Center pets, visit