Lynchburg Police say nobody was injured in an officer-involved shooting yesterday. It started around 9am when officers went to the 100-block of Holmes Circle to arrest 31-year-old Aaron Hadley Roberts III on several felony charges.  Police say Roberts barricaded himself in an attic for about two hours and then displayed a handgun. One Lynchburg Police officer fired at him, but nobody was injured. Roberts was taken into custody. The officer is in a non-enforcement, limited-duty status while State Police investigate.      

Here is the entire news release from Lynchburg Police:

Officer-Involved Shooting on Holmes Circle 

LYNCHBURG, Va., On December 13, 2022 the Lynchburg Police Department (LPD), along with multiple local, state and federal partners, collaborated to serve previously issued arrest warrants for violent offenders within the city.  

Around 9:00 a.m., a team of officers in the 100-block of Holmes Circle attempted to arrest Aaron Hadley Roberts III, 31, of Lynchburg, who was wanted on the following charges:  

During the attempt to arrest Roberts, he barricaded himself in the attic of a residence.  After approximately two hours of negotiating, a handgun was displayed by Roberts which led one LPD officer to discharge a department-issued handgun.  No one was injured as a result of this action and Roberts was taken into custody without further incident.  A handgun was recovered at the scene.  Roberts was charged with the following as a result of today’s incident:    

Roberts was transported to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail where is he is being held without bond. 

Chief Ryan Zuidema requested the Virginia State Police to investigate this officer involved shooting.  

The officer who discharged a department-issued handgun has been placed in a non-enforcement, limited-duty status until the investigation is complete.      

Any inquiries on the officer-involved shooting should be directed to the Virginia State Police.