A Lynchburg trail loop,  a James River Whitewater rafting course: Those are two of the big ideas for the Lynchburg Parks and Rec master plan.  The Parks and Rec department is holding a community meeting tomorrow for input on parks, trails and facilities over the next 10-15 years.

The event will be hosted in person at the Miller Center, and via Zoom on March 30, 2021 from 6:00pm–8:00pm.   

Here is the entire news release:


The Lynchburg, Virginia Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a community meeting to invite feedback and ideas from the public to inform the city’s Parks, Recreation Needs Assessment and Master Plan. The Master Plan will be developed based on local priorities and national trends to make actionable recommendations to guide investment in facilities, programs and operations over the next 10–15 years. The event will be hosted in person at the Miller Center, and via Zoom on March 30, 2021 from 6:00pm–8:00pm. You can log in from any device to the virtual meeting by entering this link.

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation has hired Lose Design to create the master plan document. Lose Design will develop this plan over the coming months. The information gathered will help guide the planning and development of recreation in the city. There are several ways to contribute your ideas through the project website which can be accessed via this link

“We are excited about the future of recreation in Lynchburg and need your help to ensure we meet the needs of you and your families. The input we receive from you will help shape the next ten years of improvements and funding priorities for our community,” said Parks and Recreation Director, Jennifer Jones.

For more information, contact Jennifer Jones, Director of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation, at (434)455-5858.


Lynchburg Parks & Recreation contributes to a healthy, active, and educated community, providing stewardship and management of parklands, trails and civic facilities and creating opportunities for all people to participate in a rich variety of recreational activities. Learn more about our parks, trails, programs and activities at www.lynchburgparskandrec.com, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For additional information, call (434) 455-5858.