(Lynchburg, Va.) May 11, 2022 – During 2022 National Police Week, which begins May
15, communities across the U.S. will honor and remember the hundreds of law
enforcement officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in fulfilling their oath to serve and
protect. The City of Lynchburg Police Foundation (Lynchburg Police Foundation or
LPF) is pleased to sponsor several local events hosted by the Lynchburg Police
Department to remember past officers fallen in the line of duty and celebrate those
officers who continue to serve.
On Monday, May 16, a Central Virginia Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service will be
held at the base of Monument Terrace, Church Street, Lynchburg, at 7:30 p.m. The event,
hosted by the Lynchburg Police Department and sponsored by the Lynchburg Police
Foundation, will provide a ceremony to remember the six Virginian police officers fallen
while in active duty since 2021 National Police Week. The ceremony is open to the public.
In the event of inclement weather, the service will be held at Court Street United
Methodist Church, 621 Court Street, Lynchburg.
Also, during 2022 National Police Week, the Lynchburg Police Foundation is proud to
sponsor the Lynchburg Police Department’s Annual Recognition Banquet, May 19. At the
event, police officers – with their families – are recognized and celebrated for their
exemplary service to the community. Funds donated by the Lynchburg Police Foundation
are used to fully cover the costs of the police department’s annual ceremony.
“On behalf of the Foundation, we are proud to participate in National Police Week,”
commented Richard W. Loving, president of the Lynchburg Police Foundation. “It is both a
solemn time to remember all our fallen officers across the Commonwealth and an occasion
to celebrate the members of our local law enforcement who we count on to serve and
protect our community. The funding is a small token of our enormous appreciation for
these brave men and women.”
For more information about the Lynchburg Police Foundation, contact Richard W. Loving,
lynchburgpolicefoundation@gmail.com or visit www.lynchburgpolicefoundation.com.