Lynchburg PoliceFrom Lynchburg Police Department: On March 5, 2016 Lynchburg Police officers responded to the 1200 Block of Stratford Road in the City of Lynchburg for a Domestic dispute/assault. Officers Gifford and Hughes contacted the alleged victim who was still on scene.

Once on scene, the officers spoke with an involved party who claimed there was a child inside the residence and drugs were being used in front of the child. Officers heard screaming and yelling coming from inside the residence as they approached the front door. Mr. Crute stepped outside and met them. The officers could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the residence.

The combination of information gave officers the legal authority to enter the residence to check the well being of the occupants (including the child) and ensure no one was injured or in distress. Officers continued to hear a female screaming inside the residence and requested permission to enter the residence which was denied by Mr. Crute. The officers requested Mr. Crute to have the female come out to the front door and verify her safety. Mr. Crute refused this request as well. At this time Mr. Crute attempted to go back inside the residence. Officers attempted to detain Mr. Crute and a physical struggle ensued. During the struggle, Mr. Crute punched Officer Hughes in the face with a closed fist and bit his hand. Mr. Crute also grabbed Officer Gifford by the throat and as the struggle continued Mr. Crute attempted to bite Officer Gifford in the shoulder area. Officer Hughes observed Mr. Crute attempting to bite Officer Gifford and delivered multiple strikes in an attempt to prevent Officer Gifford from being bitten.

Officer Hughes received a laceration to the inside of his lower lip from Mr. Crute punching him and an injury to his right hand as a result of Mr. Crute biting him. Officer Gifford received an abrasion/contusion to his right forearm during the struggle. Mr. Crute was checked on scene by Lynchburg Fire Department Medics and transported to Lynchburg General Hospital where he was checked by emergency room staff. There were no visible injuries to his person and he was medically cleared.