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From Wheeler Broadcasting at WFXR-TV: (Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA)  Thursday morning on WFXR News Good Day Virginia, on WWCW and K92, Star Country, Q99, the Vibe, WFIR, and WLNI as well as the teams community online and social media networks will present the Virginia Gives Back a 26- hour Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Community phone, online and in person fund raising drive to raise critical funds for ongoing American Red Cross Relief efforts in Texas.  Starting at 7am, the combined power of the broadcasters and their digital properties will engage the public to make a contribution.  The Red Cross, Chambers and other community organizations will also join forces to help raise dollars for relief efforts.  Donations can be made in person, by phone, by text or through various online websites.

The community is encouraged to help:

According to recent updates, the threat from Hurricane Harvey is far from over as rescue and relief efforts will be a long term Red Cross commitment that started last week before the first drop of rain from the storm.  Getting help in some areas will be challenging for some time due to devastating floodwaters and closed roads. This is a heartbreaking and challenging situation for those in the storm’s path and the American Red Cross is working around the clock to provide safe shelter and comfort for the hundreds of thousands of people impacted by this disaster. The Red Cross has mobilized hundreds of trained Red Cross disaster relief workers, truckloads of kitchen supplies as well as tens of thousands of ready-to-eat meals to support this response effort.  Trailers full of shelter supplies including cots and blankets—enough to support more than 20,000 people have already arrived in Texas.

“This week, the American Red Cross Virginia Region has already sent 40 volunteers to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. “We anticipate more and more Virginians are heading to help, and we will be there…. as long as we’re needed.” said Jackie Grant, Executive Director American Red Cross Virginia Region.

John Carroll, WFXR News Pinpoint Weather Chief Meteorologist said, “As the dangerous flooding continues across our country, Harvey is arguably the most devastating natural disaster since Katrina in 2005.  We have got to do what we can to help.  After the flood waters subside, for the people of Texas the painful process of picking up the pieces is just beginning and we will not forget that.  And, the Red Cross will be there every step of the way.”   Carol continued, “It is during these moments that Americans and Southwest Virginians show just how compassionate and caring we all are.  When things are at their worst, we seem to be at our best… we can prove that again by helping any way we can.”

“Our entire WFXR News Team at WFXR, WWCW and Vriginiafirst.com is excited to have helped the American Red Cross coordinate this Local Mediathon that will give our community an opportunity to help the Red Cross raise funds for those who have lost so much in the wake of this terrible storm, “said Arika Zink, Vice President and General Manager of WFXR and WWCW.   “We are so blessed to live in and serve such a generous community, and every phone call, drop by donation, text donation or web donation will help the Red Cross make a huge impact in the lives of so many families who need our help right now.”


“Southwest Virginia has always come together during times of need, both locally and nationally, and we are honored be a part of that community as we help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.” – Zack Jackson – K92
Harvey Relief with Virginia Gives Back, phone lines will open at 7am Thursday 8/31.  Please reach out and join us supporting those who have lost so much.