A data transfer error in the City’s GIS system in October caused a miscommunication regarding polling locations in precincts IV-1 and IV-2 that affected approximately 400 voters on certain streets within those precincts.  The voters affected were those with addresses at:

100-614 Northwynd Circle

1700-1815 Heritage Circle

204-314 Forest Dale Drive

These voters were notified by an October 19 mailing from the Registrar’s office that their polling place (St. Thomas More Catholic Church and Sandusky Middle School), as determined by the city GIS system, had changed, when in fact it had not. The error was discovered and corrected and the Registrar’s office has notified those voters by an October 27 mailing of their proper (and previous) voting location. The state forms used to provide this notice did not unfortunately allow editing in order to explain what had happened.

The City’s GIS records have been updated and the State Board of Elections has been notified.  All redistricting data sent to the state is correct. If any affected voters have questions or want to confirm their voting location, they should contact the Registrar’s office at (434) 477-5999.