Lynchburg, VA—The Lynchburg Republican City Committee (LRCC) elected its first woman Chair on Saturday, March 19. Veronica Bratton, elected by acclamation at LRCC’s Mass Meeting, immediately takes the lead from outgoing Chairman Eric Harrison. This is a key position for the upcoming City Council elections in November. 

“I am a woman on a mission.  This is not about me, this is about you, our neighborhoods, our city. My  mission is to achieve a better community here in Lynchburg. It is about saving America one small city at a time. It starts here in Lynchburg. As Virginia goes, so does the country, and Lynchburg is the heart of Virginia. But this effort will take a team and I welcome people who care about our community to get involved with our party,” said Bratton, Chair of the LRCC. 

Already, Bratton has assembled a team of dedicated conservatives who helped flip Lynchburg Red in 2021 who will be assuming key leadership positions to serve our great city in 2022.

Veronica is an incredible American story. She was adopted into a blue-collar home and raised by a single-mom working two jobs and refusing government handouts. Her mother instilled a passion for conservative values and principles and turned Veronica into an overcomer. Then for twenty years Veronica gave back, serving at a residential treatment facility for at-risk youth. Veronica started her own medical billing company from home and was a sought-after consultant. Veronica and her husband, Tim, currently own a thriving small business in Lynchburg.