City of LynchburgLynchburg residents have several opportunities to weigh in on the draft recruitment profile being created to assist in the search for a new city manager. Lynchburg City Council is developing the recruitment profile which describes the desirable characteristics of candidates in terms of experience, leadership style, and performance and will provide insight to some of the challenges and opportunities that the new city manager will experience. The current City Manager, Kimball Payne, announced late last year that he would be retiring as of June 30, 2016.  City Council is expected to finalize the profile at its February 9 meeting at 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chamber, 900 Church Street. Lynchburg residents may offer their input regarding the profile electronically or in person at the February 9 meeting. City Council will take public input into consideration as it finalizes the recruitment profile. Click here to see the draft recruitment profile and to submit comments.