Lynchburg City Council appointed three school board members. Two of them are returning:  Both Dr. Sharon Carter and Dr. Atul Gupta were re-appointed.  Newcomer Randall Trost is the third appointment.   He’s the father of two Lynchburg City School students, including one who just graduated of EC Glass High School.  Trost is replacing Belle Evans, who didn’t seek re-appointment.  School board members serve a 3-year term beginning July 1st.

Earlier: Lynchburg City Council has made the Lynchburg City School Board interview recordings available before, as opposed to after, appointments to the board are made.   The city says it’s in an effort to be more transparent.  City Council will meet in closed session later today to determine appointments for three-year terms of office to each school district.    

Here are the interviews with candidates Rebecca Nelson (District 1) , Gloria Preston (District 3), Clifton Dale Reed (District 1) , and Sharon Carter (District 2)

Here are the interviews with candidates Randy Trost (District 1), Gregory Berry (District 2), Atul Gupta (District 3), and James Hoover (District 1)