NEWS RELEASE: Superintendent Crystal Edwards and E. C. Glass Principal Jeffrey Garrett will be holding a community meeting this evening at 5 p.m. in the E. C. Glass High School Civic Auditorium to share  updates and have a conversation with you about recent events in the community last week, which preceded the events that happened in the school causing concern about safety.

Thank you to all the students and families that alerted the administration to the perceived threat posted to social media. LCS administration sent a message out to all E. C. Glass families and staff to raise awareness to the situation.  The Lynchburg Police Department investigated and was not able to verify that there was a credible threat to E. C. Glass or any Lynchburg City School.

Be assured though, that LCS takes all threats seriously. We also understand the social media posting created concerns among parents, students, and staff. We know that many parents made the decision to keep their students at home based on their concerns. We also want you to know, and understand, that we care very much about your children. Our teachers, staff, principals, and SROs care!  While many students were absent (absences will be excused) our staff was here at school for our students.

Please join us this evening for this community meeting at 5 p.m. in the E. C. Glass High School Civic Auditorium . Also in attendance will be members of the Lynchburg Police Department and other community organizations who support our schools.