The Republican challenger to Lynchburg City Sheriff is Don Sloan is accusing him of creating and allowing “a culture of corruption and coverups” in the sheriff’s office. Lynchburg Police Sergeant John Romano pointed to the case of a civil verdict reached against a former sheriff’s captain, Buddy Wade, accused of converting gold taken from a pawn shop into cash. Romano played a video today at a news conference, one that he says showed the captain in uniform handing cash to a store employee.

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Romano said current sheriff Don Sloan is part of that network and culture.  But Sloan says his Republican challenger is either trying to make something out of nothing — or improperly handling evidence in a criminal investigation.  This response from Sloan to Reporter Andre Whitehead:

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Sloan says State Police investigated the case, and the commonwealth’s attorney’s office determined there was insufficient evidence for criminal prosecution. Wade resigned for the sheriff’s office last summer after a civil trial found him liable for conspiring with a former employee to steal scrap gold from Lynchburg Pawn Shop and sell it to Pawn Solutions. Sloan was sworn in as Sheriff after long-time sheriff Ron Gillispie retired March 31st.