Lynchburg Police  are looking for a woman who attacked an Allied Cab driver yesterday morning. Police say  Lee’Chelle Shawnise Harvey, 31, of L Harvey became enraged over the cab fare and attacked the femail cab driver. The driver was able to pull over in the parking lot of Choice Healthcare at 2081 Langhorne Road where an unknown male witness helped remove Harvey from the cab. A physical altercation ensued between Harvey and the cab driver in the parking lot where the driver received a bite to the abdomen and a laceration to the hand from an unknown sharp object. Harvey left the area walking toward McCausland Ridge Apartments. The driver was treated for her injuries at the cab stand.  

Harvey is also wanted for Assault and Battery and Breaking and Entering with Intent to Damage Property on an unrelated incident. She is described as a black female who is 5’11” tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds.