STATE-NEWSFrom Governor McAuliffe’s office: Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today in response to the latest Republican lawsuit to strip Virginians of their civil rights: “Fewer than two weeks after Republican Senate Leader Tommy Norment, who was a plaintiff in both of these political cases, said ‘I am pleased Governor McAuliffe has complied with the decision of the Supreme Court of Virginia,’ Republicans have fully demonstrated that their sole motivation in these cases is to deny Virginians the right to vote. “Senator Norment is right — Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on my April 22nd order, my team fully complied with the court’s order and established a process that is fully consistent with the ruling as well as the precedent of past governors. “Our ongoing fight to restore Virginians’ rights is about one thing: Moving our Commonwealth into the mainstream of American states where people who serve their time reenter society as full citizens again.

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“This lawsuit an attempt to use the judiciary system to intimidate and disenfranchise people who are living in our communities and paying taxes. The people who have filed it are more concerned with the impact new voters could have on Donald Trump’s campaign than they are with the dignity of the people whom they continue to drag through the mud with their political lawsuits and ugly attacks.

“We will oppose this latest partisan action vigorously and overcome any and every obstacle Republicans may erect to our efforts to bring this dark chapter in our Commonwealth’s history to a close.”