The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office says deputies found a mobile meth lab in an Amelon Square parking lot, and several people are implicated. So far, no names have been released, and there is no word whether anyone believed involved has been arrested. The office says in a Facebook post the vehicle was found last Sunday outside Food Lion.

From the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office: Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office responded to the Food Lion parking lot at Amelon Square on Sunday around 4:15 pm in regards to a possible mobile methamphetamine operation. An investigation concluded that a vehicle on site was involved in manufacturing meth, and subsequent investigative work led to several subjects being implicated. Those individuals will be identified in a future release after charges are finalized. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank members of Amherst County Public Safety and the Virginia State Police Clandestine Lab Team for their assistance in the safe clean up and disposal of this criminal operation. These individuals are especially important given the serious health and safety risks the chemicals in methamphetamine operations pose to the public.

This incident is yet another example of the prevalence of meth in communities throughout the region and law enforcement’s commitment to combat it. Sheriff Viar would like to remind citizens of Amherst County that they can make anonymous tips to our Drug Tip Line at (434) 946-7585.