Warmer weather is expected this week…but the season is not over, nor is the possibility of more winter weather. Officials say in the event of more snow, the city has the money to cover it. In Lynchburg, by mid-February 2013 the city saw three inches of snow. Last week’s storm pushed the City’s 2013-14 snowfall total to 12 inches, or about 30 percent higher than the normal amount—a costly couple of days. State officials with VDOT say they’ve spent a third of their allotted winter storm cleanup budget. Lynchburg has a budget of nearly $188,000, used to pay truck drivers overtime, spread thousands of tons of salt, and clear snow from more than 800 lane miles. Administrators say they won’t know exactly how much has been spent until the last winter storm has been cleaned up. But sources say all indications are pointing to VDOT and Public Works coming in at or under their budget allowance.