UPDATE: Students went back to school with increased security in Nelson County today.   They were closed yesterday over threats of violence on social media.   School officials say they worked with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office and have identified those who made these threats and they determined that the individuals did not have the means to carry them out.   The Sheriff’s Office has officers and extra security at ALL four school sites today.    Last week, sheriff’s deputies responded to an altercation at the High School that resulted in schools being closed on Friday.   Some students are protesting the way they say a student was treated during that incident.   His mother says two front teeth were chipped while authorities handcuffed him. 

EARLIER: Nelson County schools are closed again today.  The school district’s Facebook page says  “The Nelson County Sheriff’s Department is working to investigate threats on social media regarding violence toward our schools.” 

Nelson County schools were Friday after an incident at the high school that included a juvenile being detained by deputies.  Over the weekend, the school system heard of a planned protest, and decided to open up the auditorium at lunch for students to voice their concerns.   In announcing the schools’ closure today, the school system called the threats “serious and concerning” and asked anyone with information to contact the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office.