Bob and Maureen McDonnell (Associated Press photo)
Bob and Maureen McDonnell
(Associated Press photo)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ Prosecutors and defense attorneys aren’t through fighting over the fate of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. Now that the guilty verdicts on public corruption are in, attention turns to their Jan. 6 sentencing and subsequent appeal. Legal experts say a multitude of issues will determine how much prison time the McDonnells receive and whether the convictions will stand. The McDonnells were convicted Thursday of performing “official acts” to promote former Star Scientific Inc. CEO Jonnie Williams’ dietary supplement products in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans. Experts say the definition of “official act” will likely be the major issue on appeal. And the value of the benefits received by the McDonnells and by Williams will have a big impact on the sentence.