(from ABC News) Student organizers of the protest told ABC News’ “This Week” Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz on Sunday that they are determined to use protests and political action to make the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, a turning point in the national debate over gun control. “People keep asking us, what about the Stoneman Douglas shooting is going to be different, because this has happened before and change hasn’t come?”

Cameron Kasky, an 11th-grader told Raddatz. “This is it.” Called “March for Our Lives,” the demonstration in Washington is to be on March 24, according to Kasky and four of his classmates whom Raddatz also interviewed — Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin. In addition to the march in Washington, the organizers also plan protests in other cities around the country.