va state policeVirginia State police are investigating a crash that happened right before 3:30 A.M. Saturday morning in Bedford County when a stolen Chevrolet Impala ran a stop sign and struck an embankment sending all three occupants to the hospita . Sgt. Richard Garletts says the driver of the car, 19-year-old Christian Riddle, and two female passengers, 18-year-old Ivy Atkins and a 14 year-old girl, were all not wearing their seat belts. Adkins is undergoing treatment as she sustained a severe brain injury, collapsed lungs, and her back was broken in two places as well as her neck according to her “Go Fund Me” page set up by her friends to help pay for medical expenses. Facebook updates on Atkins condition are being provided here. Riddle faces a grand larceny charge in connection with the theft of the car.