UPDATED NEWS RELEASE: After investigating the alleged complaint, Bedford County Sheriff’s investigators reviewed the case with the Bedford County Commonwealth’s Office. It was determined that the alleged threat lacked merit and was unsubstantiated. No criminal charges have been brought nor are any anticipated.

 The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Bedford County School System in assuring our schools are a safe learning environment.

PREVIOUS: The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what it calls a “possible threat” at Staunton River High School. Officials say investigators have identified the person who is believed to have made it, and they are questioning that person at the sheriff’s office.

NEWS RELEASE: The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is working with school officials at Staunton River High School on a possible threat at the school. Bedford County Sheriff’s SROs and investigators have been at the school all morning investigating the alleged threat. Investigators have identified the individual who is believed to have made the possible threat and are currently interviewing that person at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.