WLNI’s sister station Q99 is  breaking its usual format in a big way Easter Sunday in efforts to bring hope and optimism to listeners dealing with the many coronavirus impacts upon their lives. Q99 will replace “Today’s Hits, Yesterday’s Favorites” for 11 hours Sunday with a “Q99 Day of inspiration”. The station will present uplifting songs from a variety of genres, local pastors will share inspirational minutes, and Q99 personalities will share positive stories and quotes.
NEWS RELEASE: Q99 is known for a format of fun songs and friendly personalities, but on Easter Sunday, April 12th , the station is taking things to a whole new level with the Q99 Day of Inspiration. This Sunday from 8am–7pm, listeners will hear a programming day filled with uplifting songs from a variety of genres . Area pastors will share inspirational minutes. Q99 Air Personalities will share positive stories and quotes.
Program Director Dick Daniels: “Social Distancing, Self-Quarantining and negative headlines are taking a mental toll on everyone. This broadcast day will be dedicated to refueling hope and optimism to the community.”