Campbell CountyFrom the Campbell County Sheriff’s office: On November 2nd, 2015, members of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office charged and arrested a juvenile with making a bomb threat regarding Rustburg Middle School. The juvenile was removed from class and a search warrant was executed in which documents and electronic devices were searched for. The juvenile was then transported to the Sheriff’s Office where an interview took place. The juvenile was later transported to a juvenile detention center and will await the initial court appearance. This investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be considered.

It should be noted that there is no evidence to suggest that there are any additional suspects besides the one that has already been charged. Additionally, the accused told multiple people that this incident would be taking place on a specific date. Additional information was gathered yesterday evening that corroborated information obtained from the accused and witnesses that came forward. A search warrant was also executed at the residence where the juvenile offender lives. It should be noted that no objects of concern were found during that search. As an extra precaution, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office requested that the Virginia State Police and Bedford County Sheriff’s Office respond to the middle school and conduct a detailed search using specially trained K-9’s. This search has been completed and no devices or items of concern were located. It should be noted that at no time do we believe or have evidence suggesting that the accused made or placed any explosive devices within or around the school property. The added precaution was due to the accused telling multiple people that the threat would take place on a day in the near future. Due to the age of the accused, there is no more information that can be released at this time. If you have additional information related to this case, please contact the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office at 434-332-9580.