City of LynchburgFrom the City of Lynchburg: On Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m., City officials will provide citizens with a status update on the downtown improvement project set to begin construction in March 2016. A general update of the waterline replacement and streetscape improvements will be presented along with introductions of the team of individuals who have been assembled to complete the project.   The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn, 601 Main Street. Proposed improvements for the downtown area include replacing aging utilities, updating streetscape features such as sidewalk and pedestrian amenities, and creating an overall pedestrian and business friendly space and sustainable downtown.

The first phase of the project will cover eight segments. This includes Main Street between Fifth and Eighth Streets, Church Street between Fifth and Eighth Streets, and both Seventh and Eighth Streets between Main and Church. During the past several months, streetscape design concepts have been created and will be displayed for public comment. Other topics include project scheduling and the plan for public outreach. “The aging infrastructure is the driver for this project, and we are very aware of the sensitive nature of the location. The downtown area has experienced increased growth over the last 10 years; therefore, we are taking a collective approach to ensure minimal disruption and overall success,” said City Manager Kimball Payne. With this project, the City will prepare for future growth in the downtown area, while embracing its history through the addition of features that mirror the City of Lynchburg past. For more information please contact Heather Kennedy with Cella Molnar & Associates at or (434) 528-1071.