Ramon Maldonado

The Amherst County Sheriff’s office calls it a “significant arrest” involving methamphetamines in the area. Officials say 40-year-old Ramon Maldonado of Amherst is charged with selling more than 30 grams of meth — some of it pure, most of it in a mixture — and they say he is connected in all to distributing over 500 grams of it. Officials say it follows an investigation that also includes state and federal resources.

News release: The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office has made a significant arrest in regards to the methamphetamine problem plaguing the area. Ramon Alonso Maldonado , 40, of Amherst was taken into custody without incident on 12/07/2017 following a traffic stop in the county.  Maldonado has been charged with (2) counts of 18.2-248 Distribution of a Controlled Substance. More specifically, the charges relate to selling more than 10 grams of pure methamphetamine and more than 20 grams of a mixture containing methamphetamine. Maldonado has been connected with distributing over 500 grams of Methamphetamine. Maldonado was transported to the Amherst Adult Detention Center, where he is being held without bond. These charges stem from an ongoing expansive investigation that include not only Amherst County Sheriff ’s Deputies, but other state and federal resources. It also reflects Sheriff Viar’s commitment to combat drug activity in the community. Please remember that we can not fight this battle alone. If you have any information related to drug activity in Amherst County you are urged to contact our Drug Hotline at 434-946-7585.