VDOT-LogoRICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ The Commonwealth Transportation Board has approved a final six-year, $13.1 billion transportation blueprint for Virginia. The board met Wednesday in Richmond and heard from Democratic Gov. Terry  McAuliffe.   Earlier this year, the board staked out a plan that includes $9.9 billion earmarked for highway construction.  The board allocates funding for essential highway, bridge, rail and other transportation projects, starting July 1. The program is updated annually to reflect the latest revenue projections and other priorities.  Besides highway construction, the plan allocates $3.2 billion for rail and public transportation.

(Continue reading for the list of major Lynchburg District projects funded under the plan.)

Odd Fellows Road – The program allocates $52 million to building a new interchange along Route 29/460 at Odd Fellows Road and improvements to Odd Fellows Road, as well as to Greenview Drive. 

 Route 501 Bridge – Also key to the movement of traffic and goods through the area is the Route 501 Bridge over the James River at the Amherst/Bedford County line. Preliminary engineering and right of way for the project are complete and construction will start soon.

 Route 29 bridges over the Norfolk Southern Railroad – Several bridge replacement projects on Route 29 are included in the program.  The projects are critical to maintain the north-south traffic flow through the region.

 Charlotte Courthouse sidewalk – This project received additional funds.  It will improve safety for pedestrians from George Washington Highway at Route 40 to the Dollar General Store/Dixie Youth Ball Park Road. The project was awarded $214,600 toward the improvements.

 Route 40 Bridge over Louse Creek in Charlotte County – This project will receive an additional allocation of $1.8 million for a total of $5.5 million for the replacement of the structure. Construction is scheduled to take place in Fiscal Year 2016.

 Transit improvements – Track improvements to improve service between Alexandria and Lynchburg.