Here are tips from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office:

Residents are asked to prepare in advance and take some extra safety measures:

“We’ve been in daily contact with our regional National Weather Service teams and the Department of Emergency Management as this storm tracks east,” says Tracy Fairchild, Director of Public Safety. “Our teams our positioned and ready to assist with emergencies. However, we ask that residents continue to do their part to minimize that risk to themselves and others during these weather events.” 
Visit for resident updates or follow Campbell County Department of Public Safety on Facebook.  For more information on winter storm emergency preparedness, visit our Public Safety preparedness resources page.  

Here are tips from Virginia State Police:

The Virginia State Police is currently preparing for this latest round of winter weather and will have all available troopers on patrol in order to respond as quickly as possible to traffic crashes, emergencies and disabled motorists.

VSP is advising folks to delay/avoid travel during the storm. But, If you must travel, then please take these safety tips into consideration:
– Know Before You Go! Before heading out, check Virginia road conditions at or download the VDOT 511 app.
– Clear ALL snow and ice from the roof, trunk, hood and windows of your vehicle – car, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, commercial vehicle – before you travel.

– Drive for conditions – slow your speed and increase your traveling distance between the vehicle ahead of you. Always buckle up. Avoid distractions – put down the phone.
– Use your headlights – in rain AND snow. Virginia law requires headlights on when your wipers are active.
– Do not call 911 or #77 for road conditions. Please leave these emergency lines open for emergencies only. 

– Bring with you snacks, water, cell phone charger, warm blanket(s), and any medications you might need.

– Be sure your vehicle has a fuel tank of gas, and is in good working condition.