From Attorney John Lichtenstein: Walker Sigler and his family have spent their lives respecting law enforcement and supporting Lynchburg, the city they love. On February 17th 2018, Mr. Sigler was shot through the closed front door of his own home. He had been asleep on his couch while his wife, eight months pregnant, and sons, 6 and 3 years of age, slept just above the foyer where this happened. Both of the family cars were in the driveway and the TV was on. These officers did not call Mr. Sigler’s home, they did not turn on their blue lights, they did not use the public address system of their vehicles, they simply made the decision to enter the home, guns drawn. Mr. Sigler looked around the door, saw a gun, and quickly closed the front door. He was carrying nothing, had nothing in his hands. He was shot through the closed door, the bullet shattered his right leg, necessitating two emergency surgeries. He lost great amounts of blood causing optic nerve strokes to the nerve fibers serving each of his eyes. He is effectively blind in his left eye and has partial permanent losses of vision and other issues in his right eye as a result. He has and continues to suffer excruciating pain and will require treatment throughout his life for these devastating injuries.
John E.Lichtenstein
Counsel to Walker Sigler