The Historian talks nuns, needing more masculinity, and Easter’s Triple H hymns

Wes May, our detail-oriented Sportsline Historian, joins his Friday block of the show once again to remind fans and hosts of the good ol’ days from the world of sports and our show, including including the time Rich inappropriately touched a nun, on a former co-host not sounding ‘manly enough,’ and why we sing about […]

The Historian Remembers Pete Gillen, Tom Brady, and Low Moments for RR and DC

Wes May, our personal Sportsline Historian, joins his Friday segment with archives in hand to relish in past sports and show moments that brought entertainment to us all, including Rich’s time stuck in jury duty, legendary QB Tom Brady un-retiring, Dennis picking against his son’s college in March Madness, and so much more! WLNI · […]

The Historian talks important moments from this week during past years

Wes May, our fantastic Sportsline Historian, joins his ‘anchor’ segment once again to crack open the archives and teach a very special history class, including the time the show was on the road (but a co-host was left at home), on Rich’s failure as a little league basketball coach, and Jim Boeheim’s critique of a […]

The Historian + Last Call = A Happy Ending! (no, not that kind)

The Sportsline Historian, Wes May joins his signature segment to look back through the archives of memorable moments of the show, including Rich’s not-so-nice remarks about Duke and Dennis handling ‘the girth,’ and Last Call featured out-of-context sound from Dan Dakich, Wes Durham, Jeff Motley, and hosts RR and DC, as we end the week […]

The Historian talks inaccuracies of the past and historical anomalies

Wes May, our expert Sportsline Historian, joins his anchor Friday segment to reveal to us what the archives remember about past moments in sports and our show, including Wes having to issue his first ever on-air apology, on Alex Rodriguez joining the New York Yankees, and a listener using his daughter to score ACC basketball […]